iPod OEM Original Earphones by Apply (from iPod Touch)


Lets start out with something simple, and almost everyone with an ipod owns... The earphones that are usually included in with every iPod you by. These were included with the Apple iPod Touch I bought a few years ago.

Where: Included with iPod Touch (at Costco <-- Love this place)
When: January 2007
Usage: Everyday Multiple Times
Cost: Free (with iPod) but probably overpriced at Apple ^^
Condition: Still Running Strong
Quality: Great and Comfortable(Doesn't feel cheap)
Made: China (Whats not made there?)
Warranty: Covered by Apple (Will ship you new ones to replace your old broken headphones if they break.)

They came new with my iPod Touch and are great. These are really great for just listening to any time of music and the quality really isn't bad at all. It's for all around music, in other words any type of music sounds great with these headphones. Its no wonder most people I see with iPods still use the original headphones that it came with. They are great themselves.

These definitively do not seal out any sound therefore it's a good earphone when you want to listen to your music but still want contact with the outside world. To be honest I have other pair of in-ear high quality earphones and I use this one as much as that one, as the other one completely almost seals out all outside sound, which may not be good at times.

These have gone into a lot of abuse by me when it played tug of war with me and my iPod Touch, and I'm really surprised that they still sound just as great. They are pretty comfortable too with the rubber around the earphones until plastic completely like cheapo earphones. And even with these break, their still covered by Apple's warranty which is a good thing. They ship you a new one with a prepaid postage label to ship the old one back.

Overall these are great, and if these break and my iPod warranty is up, I might buy another pair from Apple even though they are a bit overpriced (beware of eBay sellers that sell ones that are fake but look exactly the same...no warranty on these either). That's simply because they're comfortable and sound good with all different kinds of music.

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