Brita Water Filtration Pitcher Review

For those you who can't afford the cost of or can't fit the huge reverse osmosis filtration system under your sink, you probably have a small little system on top or attacked to your faucet. Our household use a simple filtration system from Brita, since we can't fit anything under our sink.

Where: Costco (Whats not from here? Argh)
When: 3 Years +
Usage: Everyday Multiple Times
Cost: Costco Fair Pricing
Condition: Still Running Strong (As for water filtration) with Top Part Malfunctioning
Quality: Great and Lasts Long
Made: China
Warranty: Covered by Brita and Costco Unbeatable Warranty

This filtration pitcher made by Brita is sturdy and will last at least 3 years. You of course have to change the filter attached to it once in awhile to keep the water quality good. But the whole structure is made with quality. And mine even went through a tumble from the floor to the ground without suffering any noticeable damages.

The water taste pretty good too, of course not the reverse osmosis + UV cleaning level. But it taste pretty above average water. And if you're not ultra sensitive to water as I am, you might not even tell the difference. After all, it's just water, there can't be too many levels in taste.

Whats not too good about this product is the filters, each time you pour in water from the top, the little carbons start coming out. They come out from the top side of course, not from the bottom water where you drink it. But eventually the top bank, gets filled with the carbon that comes from the filter to the point where you have to clean the entire top bank of the pitcher. If they could seal the bottom of the filter so well, why can't they seal the top part?

Furthermore, at times when you overfill the pitcher, and some water gets stuck in the top entrance to the filter as the bottom is full. And the top lid is not seal tight. Due to this, if you pour water, the unfiltered water from the entrance gets mixed with the filter water through the exit. The top cover near the exit of water should at least have some decent sealing quality. Due to this problem, we always refill the pitcher when the water line is below 50% to make sure all the water goes to the bank which will eliminate the problem.

Overall, this is a pretty good product, 3 years and the product still seems brand new quality from which we got it as. I won't be surprised that we will keep using this till Brita stops making filters for it. (Or when we decide to update of course). And our water is tasting great :)

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